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Situated in the northeastern corner of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the city of Guilin is famous the world over for its green hills, clear waters, fantastic caves and spectacular rocks. It is one of China's well - known tourist scenic cities, claiming to have the "finest mountains and rivers under heaven".
"Thousands of pinnacles stand towering around; a river winds its way about the city." This is a vivid description of Guilin scenery.
The hills and pinnacles in Guilin, gifted by nature, rise sharply from the ground in many different shapes. Diecai Hill, Fobo Hill, Duxiu Peak, Nanxi Hill, Crescent Hill and Putuo Hill are the biggest attractions for tourists when they make a tour of the city.
The Li River is limpid with crystal water. A boat trip on the river from Guilin to Yangshuo covers a distance of 83 kilometers. This section of the river makes a unique traditional Chinese Painting with its clear water and clusters of pinnacles. Elephant Hill, Chuanshan Hill, Pagoda Hill, Qifengzhen Peak Forest, Crown Cave, Painted Cliff, Xingping Town and Green Lotus Peak are the extraordinary scenic spots along the river.
Grotesque caves can be found in all the Guilin hills. Reed Flute Cave, Seven - Start Cave and Chuanshan Hill are houses as "palaces of Nature's art". They are like magnificent buildings in heaven, with a thousand and one fabulous scenes. Stalactites and stalagmites in the caves present colorful pictures. Visiting these caves, one may think that he is making a tour of a pearl exhibition or a jade palace.
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