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The Beijing Elite China Travel Agency has been operating in China in the international travel business with Europe,America,Japan,Korea and for China since 1984.
With regard to quality, performance and price we offer attractive advantages to tourists and visitors, We are able to deal with international customers at anytime and we look after every guest, individually and discreetly.
We endeavour to be attentive and provide excellent service. Our wealth of experience gained with international tourists is the ideal prerequisite for a pleasant stay in China.
Thanks to our qualified travel guides (in various languages such as German,English,French and Italian)we are able to deal with all aspects of your journeys throughout China.
Of course, we also provide individual programmes on the basis of your customers' requests and requirements. Besides guided round trips we offer outline programmes for conferences, sports events, study trips and adventure holidays.
In this respect the name Elite China International Travel Service( ECITS ) always stands for reliability, flexibility and care with regard to the planning and implementation of tours, as well as understanding for our customers' wishes.
We react promptly to your enquiries!
Our service:
Qualified multi-lingual travel guides
Processing of all aspects of your journeys throughout China
Round trips for groups and individuals
Study trips on selected topics such as history, religion and culture
Special interest tours:agriculture, acupuncture,language, Chinese medicine,porcelain,music
Adventure holidays,trekking tours,jeep tours
Trips that last half a day,a full day or several days
Hotel reservations,ari tickets,train reservations
Your benefit:
A competent partner to welcome incoming visitors in the country,namely in China
We come up to your expectations,and those of your customers!
Satisfied guests who continue to place their trust in you!
Why us?
"First hand" price, avoid the high administrative and advertising costs
Our comprehensive servicing net insures all aspects of your journey throughout China, covering accommodation, transportation, sites, restaurants, leisure and shopping
Competent partners for cooperation, Qualified multi-lingual guides and high quality employees
Prompt reply in 24 hours
Enjoyment is guaranteed! We welcome you to come and experience "The Middle Kingdom", with Elite China International Travel Service( ECITS )
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