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Great Wall TravelBeijing Great Wall Travel Agency has been operating in China in the international travel business with Europe、 America、 japan and for China since 1984.
With regard to quality, performance and price, we offer attractive advantages to tourists and visitors, we are able to deal with international customers at anytime and we look after every guest, individually and discreetly.
We endeavor to be attentive and provide excellent service. Our wealth of experience gained with international tourists is the ideal prerequisite for a pleasant stay in China.
Thanks to our qualified travel guides (in various languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian…), we are able to deal with all aspects of your journeys throughout China.
Certainly, we also provide individual programs (tailor-made). Besides guided round trips, we offer outline programs for conferences, sports events, study trip and adventure.
In this respect the name, Beijing Great Wall International Travel Agency always stands for reliability, flexibility and care with regard to the planning and implementation of tours, as well as understanding for our customers' wishes...                             
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Potala Palace repairs to complete late 2009
Kunming Airline opens new route to Harbin
Top three tourist sources for Yunnan in 2008
Cruise liner explorer sails into Shanghai
Tibet to build first expressway
Spring Festival temple fair gears up in Beijing
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Beijing sees 20% drop in inbound tourists in Jan
Beijing sees record festival tourists
Bird's Nest to become shopping center

German speaking group from Hamburg, 2005:
nach 12 spannenden Tagen in  China ist unsere Gruppe gesund in Hamburg gelandet. Nun hat uns der Alltag wieder.
Wir wollen uns noch einmal ganz herzlich für den guten Service Ihres Reisebüros in Beijing bedanken. Mit Herrn Wei Chung hatten wir einen hervorragenden Reiseführer, den wir gern weiterempfehlen..

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Birgitta                 pdf PDF 46k

Tour group with 32 person group from Sweden,Apr. 2006, the letter is from Sweden:

Good morning,

I have talked to the group after they returned from Beijing. They are very happy with the service you have provided. They liked the hotel and ... ...                pdf PDF 55k

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