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Tibet Religion

Tibet ReligionTibet Buddhism, also called Lamaism, formed in the 10th century, however Buddhism was introduced
into Tibet in the 7th century under the reign of King Songtsen Gampo (?- 649 or 650 AD). He married
Nepalese Princess and Chinese Princess who were both Buddhists and brought with them many
Buddhist scriptures and statues. Then Buddhism started to mingle with Tibet culture, however during
Landama's (or Lang Darma) reign, Buddhism was banned and demolition began before it was restor-
ed in the second transmission in the 10th century. Then Tibetan Buddhism established and gradually
became dominant in Tibet and spread into neighboring provinces and countries. And later Tibetan
Buddhism gradually split into different sects and gained political influence.

Tibet Religion

Tibet Buddhism is based on Madhyamika and Yogacara and belongs to the Mahayana school. It also
utilizes the symbolic ritual practices of Tantric Buddhism (Vajrayana) and incorporates features of the
indigenous Tibetan Bon religion in competition with it. It is much more mystical than other forms of
Buddhism due to Tantric and Bon influence, strong relying on mudras (ritual postures), mantras (sacred
speech), yantras (sacred art) and secret initiation rites.

Tibetan Buddhism has many sects and subsects and the following five are the most influential ones.


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