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Three Gorges Project
Three Gorges Project
Three Gorges Project
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Briefing of Three Gorges Project
Three Gorges Project Three Gorges Project, the Yangtze Three Gorges Water Control Project, is located at Sandouping,
Yichang, Hubei Province. The TGP will be built in accordance with the scheme of “development in one
cascade, construction at one stroke, impoundment at stages and resettlement in succession”. The
concert gravity dam will be 3,035m long on the top, with the crest at EL 185 meters. The designed normal
pool level of the reservoir is EL 175 meters, and the total storage capacity 39.3 billion m3. The designed
two powerhouses to be located on both sides of the spillway have 26 units of generators of 700,000Kw
each, with a total capacity of 18.2 million Kw and an annual output of nearly 84.7 billion Kwh. The designed
One-way shipping capacity of the navigation facilities is 50 million tons a year. The twin 5-flight ship lock can adequately handle tows up to 10,000
tons. It is expected that the preparation work and main works of the Project will take 2 years and 15 years respectively. Owing to the construction of
the Project, 1.13 million people are expected to be resettled and 28,800 ha. Of farmland inundated. When completed, the Project will be beneficial
in ten aspects, including flood control, power generation, navigation, aquaculture, tourism, ecological protection, development-oriented resettlement,
transferring water supply and irrigation, which makes it a unique super power station worldwide.

What about the schedule
The first period: To dam the main waterway of the Yangtze by the use of Zhongbao Island and to build the canal, to build the
coffer dams upstream and downstream and begin the preparation of early-stage project. This period is symbolized by the
beginning in 1993 to damming the river on November 8th, 1997.
The second period: 1997—2003, from the damming by the canal in November 2002 to storing water on June 15th, 2003, the
dam is to store water gradually to 135 meters and keep it to 2006. The permanent navigating is finished and be put into use,
and the first generating unit on the left bank is to generate power.
The third period: 2003—2006, the dam is to store water to 156 meters in September 2006, and the power plant workshop on
the right bank.
The forth period : 2006—2009, the dam is to store water to 175 meters finally in 2009, and the whole project is to be completed.
How will the cruise ship navigate in 2003 ?
Influenced by the project, the cruise ship timetable in the Three Gorges is divided as following periods:
November 2002—April 9th , 2003
Contemporary ship locks in use only: from November 2002 to April 9th , 2003, adding up to 160 days, on
change about the navigation on Chuan River.
April 10th, 2003—May 31st , 2003
The contemporary ship locks are to be locked, but there is no change in the water level and cruise ships
navigate on the river upstream the Dam.
June 1st, 2003—June 15th , 2003
In these 15 days, the water level in the reservoir is to be raised from 66 meters to 135 meters. But no
influence on the navigation, and cruise ships navigate on the river upstream the Dam.
June 15th, 2003—September 2006
The period of navigating through the permanent ship lock. Neither buses nor boats are needed to transport
the tourists in the course of cruising. The navigation in the middle and lower reaches will be renewed, and
the waterway will be broadened the currency slowed, and the dangerous shoals smoothened when the
water level is raised to 135 meters.

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