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AmdoSituation of the east Tibetan region of Amdo ( Chinese: 安多), is one of the three traditional
areas of Tibet, the other two being U-Tsang and Kham. Amdo was and is the home of many
important Tibetan Buddhist monk scholars or lamas who had a major influence on both politics
and religious development of Tibet, including the 14th Dalai Lama, the 10th Panchen Lama, and
the great reformer Je Tsongkhapa. It was traditionally a place of great learning and scholarship
and contains many great monasteries including Kumbum Jampa Ling (Ta’er Si) near Xining,
Labrang Tashi Khyil south of Lanzhou, and the Kirti Monasteries of Ngaba and Tewo (Taktsang
There are many dialects of the Amdo language due to the geographical isolation of many tribal
groups. The (Tibetan) inhabitants in Amdo call themselves Amdowa (Amdo pa), and not Böpa
(Bod pa), which is the Tibetan word of Central Tibetans. The region of Amdo is distributed mainly
among the Chinese provinces of Qinghai, Gansu and Sichuan. Amdo is a large area of
northeastern Tibet, it encompasses the section from the Yellow River northeastward to Gansu
province in China. As Amdo is a large area and consists of a number of different regions, it is difficult to accurately summarize the history of the entire
region of Amdo. Each smaller district/region has its own unique and long history.


TIBTE travel, without Tibet travel Permit — Why not travel to Amdo ?

For foreign tourists, travel to Tibet( Tibet Autonomous Region) is required a TTP ( Tibet travel Permit ). Why not travel to Amdo? The Amdo and
Kham regions, also considered to be TIBET to the Tibetan people, make up 50% of the land mass of the Tibetan Plateau and are home to 60% of
the total Tibetan population. In many regards, the Amdo and Kham regions are better places to go to experience traditional Tibetan culture. Most
repeat travellers
to Tibet agree that Amdo are the best regions of Tibet to travel to.

Giant Buddha Temple
(Giant Buddha
Qinghai Lake
(Qinghai Lake -
Qinghai )
Qilian-Arou Temple
(Qilian-Arou Temple)
Xiahe Road
(Road - Xiahe )
Zhangye-Danxia landform
(Danxia landform

(Silk Flower)
Tongren Shaman Festival

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