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Tianjin Food Street

Tianjin Food Street

Tianjin Food Street Tianjin is proud of its delicacies. Though very similar to Beijing cuisine, the food of Tianjin tends to be
lighter with a stronger emphasis on seafood due to its proximity to the ocean. It is characterized by salty,
strong dishes that have been evolving and developing since the area first became settled in the 6th century.
Rumor has it that Emperor Qinglong of the Qing Dynasty was so enamored with Tianjin cuisine that he
showered his Tianjin chef in accolades, even going so far as to make him a government official.

Food Street is a fairly good place for you to sample these cross-cultural Chinese dishes. These traditional
and famed snacks cannot be missed should you ever come to visit this charming municipality. The food
street is located in Nanshi (southern city), where the city's hustle and bustle is. An exquisite parade of
palace-like classic buildings house over one hundred restaurants that offer luxury dishes, snacks and
flavors of styles from all around the country.

Covering an area of 40,000 square meters, Nanshi Food Street is an ancient building complex 40,000 square meters in area, with more than 100
restaurants. The Chinese food includes Chuan food, Lu food, Cantonese food, Su food, Zhe food, Xiang food, Jin food and Tianjin food and foreign
food includes Japanese food, Russian food, Italian food, French food and German food. It is a food paradise where you can taste a thousand
different types of food and enjoy the interesting cuisine culture.

Keep an eye out for local dishes such as the " Eight Great Bowls", a feast of mostly meat dishes, or the " Four Great Stews", a similar category of
hearty meat soups. As far as snacks go, it would be a shame to take leave of Tianjin without trying such local treats as goubuli, a special variety of
steamed bun stuffed with a meaty filling, or tianjin mahua (Fried Dough Twist), fried strips of twisted dough.

Tianjin Food Street What’s more there are several old-line traditional restaurants, such as Guishun Zai, Xiangde Zai,
Zhengxing De Tea House, Yipin Xiang Cake Store, Siyuan Xiang Cake Store, Du Chengqi Steamed
Store, En defa Mutton Steamed Bun Restaurant, and Kiessing Western Food Restaurant.

The building itself attracts you, even if you don’t tasting anything, as it has a classical ethnic beauty.
The green glazed roof tiles, the visual Zhengwen Animal, and the colored pattern, will make you on
the scoop.



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