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Yaxiu Market


Yaxiu Market

Yaxiu Market Located on Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District, near the northeast embassy area, is similar to the Silk Market, It's an indoor 4-floor store, Beijing's clothing Bazaar. It is located at the west side of Sanlitun Bar Street and adjacent to the second embassy area. Its total construction area is about 27,000 square meters and its main business scope covers a wide range of foreign trade clothing, accessories, traditional handicrafts, snacks and cuisines, as well as recreation and entertainment.

Yaxiu is a paradise for bargain hunters in Beijing, a big draw for the tourist with some money to spend and some serious shopping to do too. It is located to the west of Sanlitun bar street in the northeast of Beijing. Yashow is surrounded by the bars, restaurants and cafes of the Sanlitun area, the hotest eating and drinking area for tourists in the city.

It's full of fake designer, jeans, shoes and ladies wear and so on. You can find a lot of clothing and daily necessities on the first and second floor. Good tailors can be found on the third floor. The fourth floor is a fine hunting ground for souvenirs and gifts -- there are kites from Weifang in Shandong, calligraphy materials, army surplus gear, tea sets, and farmer's paintings from Xi'an. The basement and the first two floors house a predictable but comprehensive collection of imitation and pilfered brand-name clothing, shoes, and luggage.

Especially popular among younger Western shoppers, Yaxiu is yet another indoor arena stuffed to the gills with knockoff brand-name clothing and shoes. Prices are slightly cheaper than Silk Alley, but the haggling no less cruel. The giant sign outside this bustling clothes market near Sanlitun reads Yashow, but it's written “Yaxiu” in pinyin.

Shopping is almost an unavoidable activity for most travelers especially when you travel at a place that you have never been before. Here in Beijing, there are some characteristic shopping markets we recommend to you exclusively. You could enjoy bargaining for dress and bags and pick fine silk product in Silk Market. Yaxiu Market is a Russian Market with dresses. If you have special interest in pearl products, try Pearl Market.

Centrally located, Yaxiu is surrounded by the bars, restaurants and cafes of the Sanlitun area, the most popular eating and drinking area for tourists in the city, which makes extended bouts of shopping even easier.



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